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Student Accommodation

The Eastland-Fairfield Career Technical Schools (CTS) is committed to providing an accessible environment for all its students in both academic and nonacademic programs as required by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

A student is responsible for submitting all necessary documentation of a disability for review prior to receiving any accommodations. The CTS requires documentation be comprehensive and reflective of the students current functioning.

Any student who is not in agreement with the reasonable accommodations he/she is afforded, may request an informal review by the Ohio Technical Center Director or utilize the Section 504 Grievance procedure. Educators who feel that an accommodation would alter an essential element of their course or program should contact the Ohio Technical Center Director for further discussion.

Students with disabilities have the right to:

- Access courses, programs, services, activities and facilities.
- Work, learn, and receive reasonable accommodations, academic adjustments, and/or auxiliary aids and services.
- Confidentiality about their disability, except as disclosures are required/permitted by law.
Students with disabilities have the responsibility to:
- Meet qualifications and maintain the essential CTS standard for courses, programs, and activities.
- Self-identify as an individual with a disability and request assistance when necessary.
- Document (from appropriate professionals) the current functional limitation of the disability.
- Follow CTC procedures for obtaining accommodations.
- Request accommodations in a timely fashion and ensure instructors are aware of accommodations to be provided prior to each instance.
Student Services has the responsibility to:
- Provide or arrange reasonable accommodations, academic adjustments, and/or  auxiliary aids and services for students.
- Maintain appropriate confidentiality of records and communication, except where disclosure is permitted/required by law.
Procedures for Requesting Reasonable Accommodations

1. Provide documentation - The CTS accepts documentation from treating professionals as valid if the date of the service/testing is within three to five years from the time admission into the program. A copy of the student's high school IEP or 504 Transition plan can prove helpful. Student Services will review the documentation and identify, in consultation with the student, on a case-by-case basis, the range of reasonable accommodations.

2. Request accommodation - The student must meet with the Career Counselor to request an accommodation. Services and accommodations will not be offered until a student makes this request and attends this meeting. It is in the student's best interest to make this request as early as possible.
3. Receive a letter of accommodation - Once the request is received, and analyzed with the student, the Career Counselor will generate a letter/for to be provided the Student's educators outlining what reasonable accommodation(s) has/have been determined to be appropriate.
4. Follow up with educators - It is important that the student communicate with his/her instructors about the specifics of his/her accommodations. Examples might include determining arrangements for extended time testing and/or testing in a private testing area, etc.
5. Contact Student Services for further assistance - If the accommodation(s) a student is currently receiving should be revisited, or should a student encounter resistance to the accommodations for which they are eligible, he/she should contact the Student Services Career Counselor.
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