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How to Apply

Want to apply?


Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical School District is an extension of our 16 associate school districts in Fairfield, Franklin, and Pickaway Counties. Students at our associate school districts, along with those who reside within these communities (private school and home-educated students), have the opportunity to apply to one of our career-technical programs during our admission season.


Application Availability

Eastland-Fairfield is accepting applications using our new online application system beginning Dec. 7, 2017. The application will be available exclusively on our website through the start of the 2018-19 school year. 

Students are strongly encouraged to apply as early as possible as there are limited spots available per program. A parent/guardian must be present to complete the application.

Program Options

Eastland-Fairfield has more than 30 programs to choose from at both the Eastland Career Center and Fairfield Career Center campuses, as well at satellite locations in our associate school districts at Gahanna Lincoln High School, Groveport Madison High School, New Albany High School, Reynoldsburg High School, and Pickerington North High School.

Two new programs are being added for the 2018-2019 school year at Fairfield Career Center for students to consider: Pharmacy Technician and Animal Management and Services.


Admission Requirements

Students in 11th and 12th grade in our 16 associate school districts or who reside within the communities served by our 16 associate school (private school, home schooled, etc.) are eligible to attend and are encouraged to apply in 10th grade.

Students who are eligible to attend an Eastland-Fairfield participating school, and who meet admission requirements, will have first priority in all programs. Students admitted through open enrollment, who meet admission requirements, will have second priority.

  • Must complete the online application. A parent/guardian must complete and submit the online application;

  • Full junior status, or the equivalent, or the age of 16 by the first week of October of the anticipated enrollment year;

  • Must meet any requirements of the particular program in which the student wishes to enroll:

    • Must have earned four (4) credits required for graduation, or the equivalent, by the first week of October 2018;

    • Applicants with sophomore status are assigned the highest priority in the selection process;

    • Competitive GPA from grades 9 and 10;

    • Competitive attendance record in excess of 90%;

    • Limited discipline history.

  • Special application requirements for the following programs:

    • Graphic Design: An artwork portfolio is required for this program;

    • Criminal Justice: A Criminal Justice essay is required as part of this program;

    • Performing Arts: An audition is required as part of this program;

    • Teaching Professions: A 300 word essay is required


  • Students will receive a confirmation of acceptance letter notifying them a seat has been secured in a program. However, acceptance is dependent upon successful completion of the current school year.

Admission Timeframe

Students are encouraged to apply as soon as you choose a program. There is no application fee. The application timeline is below*:

  • Round 1- deadline February 2, 2018 (status letters mailed in mid-late March)

  • Round 2- deadline March 9, 2018  (status letters mailed mid April)

  • Round 3- On-going through the summer as space permits (status letters mailed in the first part of May and monthly)

*See your counselor for your high school’s specific deadline dates or more information.

At the end of each round of application, students will be notified by the associate school counselor and by mail whether you have been accepted or wait-listed into a career center program. Admissions Review Team continues to review applications and the wait-list in a timely manner throughout the process.

Applicants who are not selected for their first program choice are considered for their second choice. Applicants who are not selected for either their first or second choice are placed on a waiting list and considered for acceptance into requested programs as space becomes available.


Still not sure about a program or if career-technical education is right for you? The best way to learn about Eastland-Fairfield programs is to visit. All sophomore students are invited to visit Eastland Career Center, Fairfield Career Center, and satellite programs. If you missed your school's designated visitation date in November, additional opportunities are available to visit between January and April.  

Visit us during a Career Tech Thursday! Complete the form and return it to your school counselor at least three days before the field trip.

  • The 2018 dates are:

    • January 18

    • February 15

    • March 15

    • April 5

    • April 19


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