Student Services
We provide Career Counseling and Barrier Intervention for prospective and current students!

Services include assisting full-time students with embracing:

  • Employability Skills
  • Learning, studying, test taking
  • Ability to manage and/or overcome barriers to school and employment success
  • Also available to assist incoming students with identifying EFCTS training programs that best suit their needs, skills, and interests.
Barrier Intervention

Being a full-time adult student can be challenging, especially when you are juggling other responsibilities. Sometimes trying to handle everything else in your life as well as studying and coming to class each day can seem overwhelming or even impossible. The Career Counselor assists students with managing or overcoming things in their lives that might make succeeding in school or in the workplace difficult.

Hurdles in any area of life can get in the way of your ability to do well in school and at work. It's important to address practical issues like finances, housing, medical and dental care, child care, and transportation so that you can maintain good attendance and concentrate on your studies. Some students need help with time management in order to fit their studies in and get to class on time; still others need to learn how to balance their responsibilities in order to be happy and successful in school, at home, and at work.

Your personal life can impact your ability to succeed in school and in your career, too. Things like your attitude, your moods, your mental health, your coping skills, your resources and support systems, personal losses or struggles of various kinds, low self-esteem, and alcohol or drug abuse or addiction can all have an effect on your ability to succeed at school and in your chosen career. 
If you need guidance or referrals to prevent, manage, or overcome any type of barrier, please contact the Career Counselor for assistance. 
Employability Skills

Your instructor will help you develop the occupational skills you need to get a job in the field you've selected. He or she will also work with the class as a whole to help you begin to develop your employability skills. Many students also need one-on-one help to better prepare them to apply for and obtain jobs in their various fields. This is where the Career Counselor comes in.

The Career Counselor can work with you privately to help you build your resume and/or cover letter, to help you develop your interview skills, and even to help you find resources to ensure that you can "dress for success". The Career Counselor can also help you improve things like your communication skills, your body language and paralanguage (nonverbal elements of speech), your assertiveness, and your attitude to help you present your best possible self during the job search and at interviews.

The Career Counselor is available to help you with these things both while you are a full-time student and after you graduate. 
Learning, Studying, & Taking Tests

Graduating from your program and starting your new career will probably be big milestones in your life. Three things that can have a huge impact on your ability to succeed are: learning the material and skills your instructor is teaching; studying in a way that works for you so you can understand and remember the information and skills; and being able to demonstrate your knowledge on tests in the classroom and during certification exams. This can be a challenge for some students, and the Career Counselor is here to help.

You may need to brush up on your skills because you've been out of school for a while or because you were never particularly strong in those areas in the first place. Perhaps you don't learn easily with traditional methods due to your individual learning style (we are all unique when it comes to learning, and different things work best for different people). Maybe you have learning or test taking challenges that you need help addressing in order to succeed. If any of these things apply to you, we have many tools and resources to help you succeed in your program. We can also help you obtain accommodations for your certification exam.

Please connect with the Career Counselor if you have any concerns at all related to learning, studying, or taking tests. 
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