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Transfer Students

Transfer Credit Policy

A person who plans to enroll in a full-time credentialed program can request that Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools grant credit for a portion of that program's hours if the person believes that he/she already graduated from a program that provided educational content that is the equivalent of a portion of the Eastland-Fairfield program's course of study.

The person who requests credit for graduating from another program must submit documentation that supports the request to the Secretary of Student Services. The documentation must include:

  • Written request for credit
  • Proof that the student was awarded credit for graduating from the prior program.

The documentation the person must provide includes a transcript from the school that provided the training, a description of the program that appears in the school's catalog or on its web page, and copies of the diploma, certificate of graduation, and industry certification the person received.

The Secretary to Student Services will forward the written request and the documentation to the Director of Adult Education. The Director will review the request. Within 14 calendar days of receiving the request, the Director will send a written response to the address that appears on the written request for credit.
If the Secretary to Student Services receives the request for credit after the program begins, the request will be denied.
If the school approves a person's request to accept prior credit the school will pro-rate the program's cost and the financial aid it awards accordingly.
If the request for credit is denied, the requestor can appeal the decision. To appeal, the person must submit a letter of appeal and supporting documentation to the Director of Adult Education. The Director will evaluate the appeal and send a written response within 14 calendar days. 
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