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A Message from Superintendent Bonnie Hopkins

Incidents of school violence have made an impact on people throughout our country.  We have policies and plans in place at Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools to keep our students as safe as possible.   Our staff has recently met to review our safety plans and we continue to look for ways to proactively address the welfare of our students.
Across the nation, students have been especially active in speaking up, and they have organized a number of activities in response to recent events.  While there are no easy answers, we believe in allowing students to express themselves and engage in peaceful conversations on this topic.  On March 14, our Career Centers will have a structured activity in which students may choose to participate.  This activity will respect the lives lost, allow students to provide suggestions/ideas on school safety and culture, and provide a variety of resources on social and emotional well-being.
We strive to make our schools a place where students feel valued and where our students want to be.  We encourage them to always speak up when they see something suspicious, when they have a concern, or when they wish to voice something that matters to them.  Our teachers, our counselors, and our administrators are always available to listen.
Also, if you have something to report, we welcome your calls as well.  Respect for each other and common courtesies will go a long way to make a safer and positive learning environment for all.
Bonnie Hopkins

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