2020-21 High School Award Winners

2020-21 High School Award Winners

Congratulations to all of our students competing within their respective career and technical student organizations and for representing Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools so positively! We are proud of all of your accomplishments and the hard work and dedication you've committed toward your success. 


Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)

Individuals competing at the HOSA National Conference are students of the EFCTS BioScience satellite program, stationed in Clark Hall at Gahanna-Lincoln High School.

Olivia Perry (Gahanna-Lincoln)  |  Healthy Lifestyle, 6th place
Macy Thompson '21 (Gahanna-Lincoln)  |  Clinical Specialty, 9th place
M’Kaia Trent, Harshtha Vathyam (Gahanna-Lincoln)  |  Medical Innovation  |  Finalist
Chris Kinklea, Julia Goldhardt, Sydney Howard (Gahanna-Lincoln)  |  Public Service Announcement  |  Participant
Mikayla Sage ‘21 (Liberty Union)  |  Extemporaneous Writing  |  Participant
* Connor Kankiewicz (Gahanna-Lincoln) received special recognition for his work on a HOSA Happenings website

Rising Education National Awards

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Cami Weldon ‘21 and Anneke Keesing ‘21 (Gahanna-Lincoln)  |  Children's Literature, Pre-K  |  1st place

Ava Smith ‘21 and Caitlyn Monaghan ‘21 (Gahanna-Lincoln)  |  Interactive Bulletin Board  | 1st place

Cooper Solomon ‘21 (Gahanna-Lincoln)  |  Educators Rising Moment  |  1st place

Thalia Johnson (Gahanna-Lincoln) |  Children’s Literature   |  3rd place

Hannah Costello (Hamilton Township) | Impromptu Lesson   |  4th place

Chloe Dickson (Gahanna-Lincoln)  |  Lesson Planning, STEM  |  4th place

Morgan Gunther (New Albany)  |  Lesson Planning, Humanities  |  5th place

Mary Kate Gebhart (Gahanna-Lincoln)  |  Public Speaking   |  6th place

Emily Stanisovska (Gahanna-Lincoln), Nasir Cousin (Gahanna-Lincoln), Randie Menningen (Pickerington Central) |  Researching Learning Challenges  |  9th place

Emily Hamric (Gahanna-Lincoln)  |  Exploring Administrative Careers  |  10th place

BPA (Business Professionals of America) Awards

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Richard McClandish, Brian Vincent, and Wyatt Warthman (Fairfield Union)
Virtual Software Engineering/Programing and Software -  4th place


Erica Abbington (Groveport Madison), Bhuwan Dahal (Reynoldsburg), and Prajolish Gurung (Gahanna)
Virtual Web Application/Programming and Software -  7th place


Scott Bader (Liberty Union)
C# Programming / Programming and Software - 7th place


Julian Meacham Dean (New Albany)
Virtual Promotional Photography/Interactive Media - 9th place


Teddi Heberle, Tommy Bozzelli, Daniel VanWormer (Pickerington North)  |  Virtual Media and Promotion/Multimedia - Top 10 placement


Logan Nowlin, Tyler Brunelle, Colin Decker, Garrett Cox (Pickerington North)  |  Web Application Team - 1st place, Best in Show


Shianna Pertuset (Groveport Madison)  |  Advanced Word/Medical Office - 3rd place *

Victoria James (Hamilton Township)  |  Basic Office/Medical Office - 4th place *

Elisa Woodard (Gahanna Lincoln)  |  Broadcast News Production/ Interactive Media, 4th place *

Annalyse Lockney (Pickerington Central)  |  Broadcast News Production/ Interactive Media, 4th place

Julian Meachum Dean (New Albany)  |  Broadcast News Production/Interactive Media, 4th place

Mackenzie Wike (Groveport Madison)    Broadcast News Production/Interactive Media, 4th place 

Dylan Miller (Groveport Madison)  |  C# Programming/Programming and Software, 5th place *

Scott Bader (Liberty Union)  |  C# Programming/Programming and Software, 9th place *

Nathan Duda (Groveport Madison)  |  Computer Modeling/Interactive Media, 3rd place *

Om Patel (Gahanna Lincoln)  |  Database Application/Programming and Software, 8th place *

Jayden Salifu (Pickerington Central)  |  Fundamental Spreadsheet/Medical Office, 3rd place *

Norah McCrary (Reynoldsburg)  |  Fundamental Spreadsheet/Medical Office - 5th place *

Aniya Owens (Groveport Madison)  |  Human Resources Management/Medical Office - 1st  place *

Alondra Agueros (New Albany)  |  Integrated Office Application/Medical Office - 10th place *

Maguette Niang (Reynoldsburg)  |  Integrated Office Application/Medical Office - 2nd place *

Chad Huffman (Reynoldsburg)  |  Video Production Team/Interactive Media - 3rd place *

Cody Factor (Reynoldsburg)  |  Video Production Team/Interactive Media - 3rd place *

Grace Bloom (Bloom-Carroll)  |  Video Production Team/Interactive Media - 3rd place *

Sierra Weist (Bloom-Carroll)  |  Video Production Team/Interactive Media - 3rd place *

Mary Chestnut (Liberty Union) and Nathan Jones (Pickerington North)  |  Global Marketing Team/Multimedia - 1st place *

Isabelle Lynch (Pickerington North)  |  Digital Media Production/Multimedia - 1st place *

Ellie Rider, Ani Watts, Bella Floyd, Nathan Ohrman (Pickerington North)  |  Website Design Team/Multimedia - 2nd place *

Garrett Cox (Pickerington North)  |  Fundamentals of Web Design - 2nd place

Laken Dreher (Pickerington North), Enrique Ayala (Pickerington North), Jamia Saunders (Groveport Madison)  |  Computer Animation Team/Multimedia - 3rd place

Colin Decker (Pickerington North)  |  Fundamentals of Web Design/Multimedia - 6th place


* denotes qualified for national competition

FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) Awards

FCCLA logo


Daniela Rank (New Albany)  |  Culinary Math Management, 1st place (gold)
Faith Horton  (Pickerington North)  |  Leadership, 12th place (gold)
Belinda Castillo '21 (Whitehall)  |  Entrepreneurship, 18th place (gold)
Nia Haines '21 (Whitehall)  |  Entrepreneurship, 18th place (gold)
Jordan Bryan '21 (Groveport Madison)  |  Job Interview, 20th place (silver)


Daniella Rank (New Albany)  |  Culinary Math Management - Gold rating, 1st place *

Donald Griffin (Gahanna Lincoln)  |  Culinary Team - Silver rating, 3rd place

Abbie Heskett (Gahanna Lincoln)  |  Culinary Team - Silver rating, 3rd place

Caden Groff (Canal Winchester)  |  Culinary Team - Silver rating, 3rd place

Belinda Castillo (Whitehall-Yearling)  |  Entrepreneurship - Silver rating, 1st place *

Nai Haines (Whitehall-Yearling)  |  Entrepreneurship - Silver rating, 1st place *

Jordan Bryan (Groveport Madison)  |  Job Interview - Silver rating, 2nd place *

Faith Horton (Pickerington North)  |  Leadership - Silver rating, 1st place *

Lahna Nelson (New Albany)  |  Pastry Tray - Silver rating, 2nd place *


* denotes qualified for national competition

SkillsUSA Awards

SkillsUSA logo


Rebecka Schilling '21 (Millersport)  |  Dental Assisting, 5th place
Armani Davenport (Canal Winchester)  |  Internetworking, 6th place
Evan Gallion  |  Maintenance and Light Repair, participant


Rebecka Schilling (Fairfield Union)  |  Dental Assisting/Dental Assisting - GOLD
Isabella Jones (Pickerington Central)  |  Job Interview/Criminal Justice -  SILVER

Grace Adegoke (Pickerington Central)  |  Opening, Closing Team/Pre-Nursing -  SILVER

Evan Coates (Gahanna)  |  Opening, Closing Team/Pre-Nursing - SILVER

Jenna Davis (Teays Valley)  |  Opening, Closing Team/Pre-Nursing -  SILVER

Ji'Niyah McKnight (Gahanna)  |  Opening, Closing Team/Pre-Nursing -  SILVER

Alyssa Sain (Amanda-Clearcreek)  |  Opening, Closing Team/Pre-Nursing -  SILVER

Camryn Tucker (Canal Winchester)  |  Opening, Closing Team/Pre-Nursing -  SILVER

Marisol Valdez (Groveport Madison)  |  Opening, Closing Team/Pre-Nursing -  SILVER

Nathan Sears (Teays Valley)  |  Cyber Security/Cyber Security -  SILVER

Justin Longnecker (Fairfield Union)  |  Cyber Security/Cyber Security -  SILVER

Griffin Ewing (Teays Valley)  |  Quiz Bowl/Cyber Security -  SILVER

Andrew McCain (Teays Valley)  |  Quiz Bowl/Cyber Security -  SILVER

Leslie Mensah (Whitehall-Yearling)  |  Quiz Bowl/Cyber Security -  SILVER

Nolan Miller (Teays Valley)  |  Quiz Bowl/Cyber Security -  SILVER

Chance Reed (Gahanna)  |  Quiz Bowl/Cyber Security -  SILVER

Armani Davenport (Canal Winchester)  |  Internetworking/Cyber Security -  GOLD

Julie Mlynek (Pickerington Central)  |  First Aid and CPR/Cyber Security -  SILVER

Jasmine Walls (Groveport Madison)  |  Prepared Speech/Cyber Security -  BRONZE

Ella Cleavenger (Teays Valley)  |  Quiz Bowl/Pharmacy Tech -  BRONZE

Gracie Igel (Bloom-Carroll)  |  Quiz Bowl/Pharmacy Tech -  BRONZE

Taryn Lieb (Pickerington Central)  |  Quiz Bowl/Pharmacy Tech -  BRONZE

Stella Smith (Teays Valley)  |  Quiz Bowl/Pharmacy Tech -  BRONZE

Katarina Workman (Bloom-Carroll)  |  Quiz Bowl/Pharmacy Tech -  BRONZE

Evan Gallion  |  Maintenance and Light Repair  |  1st place
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