QHow can I apply?
AApplications can be found in the guidance office of your high school or by clicking here. Click "How to Apply" under the Admissions tab for details on the application process and admission requirements.

QWhen should I apply?
AYou should apply during your sophomore year and submit your completed application to your school counselor as soon as you choose a program. There is no application fee. Applications are accepted from late November through the summer and are processed over three rounds. Submit your application by early February for Round 1 consideration, mid-March for Round 2 consideration, and through the summer (as space permits) for Round 3 consideration. Students interested in open enrollment to apply to the Career Centers are automatically considered in Round 3 along with applicants who are currently at Junior level status. See your school counselor for specific deadline dates or more information. Remember that many programs fill up fast, so don’t delay!

QDoes it cost to attend Eastland-Fairfield?
AEastland-Fairfield is an extension of 16 Central Ohio public school districts. There is no tuition as long as you reside in one of our associate school districts. Fees for uniforms vary by program, but everything you buy is yours to keep and use once you’ve graduated.

QWhat will my school day be like?
AOn an average day, Eastland-Fairfield students spend half of their day in their program lab. Students spend the remainder of the day completing academic coursework. The required courses are determined by the program you choose—and your academic plan for graduation.

QWill I graduate from Eastland-Fairfield?
AWhile enrolled in an Eastland-Fairfield program, you remain a student of your high school and will graduate from there. In addition to your diploma, you will also receive a Career & Technical Certificate and a career passport (a portfolio that contains your resume, attendance, career plans, transcript, career & technical program competencies, career goals, and certificates).

QI heard Career Center students get laptops. Is this true?
AAll full-time students attending either Eastland or Fairfield Career Center will have access to a laptop computer to use while enrolled at Eastland-Fairfield.

QWhat if I want to participate in activities at my home school?
AWe encourage students to be involved in their home school as well as Eastland-Fairfield. We have many students enrolled in our programs that are involved in athletics, clubs, band, or other activities at their home school. 

QIs transportation available?
AYes! Each associate school district provides bus transportation from your associate high school to the career centers each day. Contact your district’s bus garage for details in your area. Transportation is NOT available to satellite programs housed at area high schools.

QAre there programs and services for students with special needs?
AYes! Eastland-Fairfield offers a wide range of educational options for students with special needs. See page 13 of our course catalog for details.

QHow does placement into programs work?
AApplicants are placed into programs when they meet all admission requirements and there is space available in the program. Programs often fill quickly; so it is important to apply early.
 All students should be striving for the best GPA and attendance possible during their 9th and 10th grade years.

QHow will I know if I’m accepted?
AYou will be notified by your school counselor and by Eastland-Fairfield. Please check your email regularly for your enrollment status notification.

QHow can I find out more information?
ATalk to your high school counselor. You can also contact your Eastland-Fairfield representative at 614.836.4530.
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