Modern Cultivation Technologies

Modern Cultivation Technologies

Eastland Career Center

Go vertical with your career.
Modern Cultivation Technologies is ready to prepare you for a career in the horticulture industry. Students who are creative, love the outdoors, and desire to grow and maintain indoor and outdoor spaces will thrive while using our state-of-the-art hydroponics system to grow their own gardening center.

The year-round green industry is modernizing with the world. Go vertical and use renewable sources of energy to grow plants, beautiful flowers, and delicious food in spaces you never thought possible.
Cut above the rest.
Students in this program will have the opportunity to design and plan residential and commercial garden and landscape settings, and operate and maintain a wide-range of equipment. Students will diagnose and prescribe treatment for a variety of turf and landscape diseases, fungi and pests while maintaining desirable turf and landscapes.
Career-Technical Courses of study include: 
  • Plant and Horticulture Science
  • Landscape Systems Management
  • Greenhouse and Nursery Management
  • Science and Management.

Career Pathways

Grow, build, and maintain indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as your career by exploring careers such as:

  • Nursery/Garden Center Specialist
  • Greenhouse Operations/Agriculture
  • Vertical Growing
  • Botanist
  • Lawncare Technician
  • Landscape Design, Installation and Maintenance
  • Professional and Amateur Sport Organization Grounds Crew
  • Operations Management
  • Produce Consultant


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