Pillar 3: Fostering Communication and Relationships

Pillar 3: Fostering Communication and Relationships


Develop and maintain strong relationships among association schools, families, and business partners to broaden opportunities for student exploration, learning, development, and growth.

OBJECTIVE 1: Increase exposure to the opportunities at Eastland-Fairfield among associate schools’ K–12 students and adults in our region.

OBJECTIVE 2: Expand business partner engagement beyond advisory boards.

OBJECTIVE 3: Increase family engagement.

OBJECTIVE 4: Maximize relationships and partnerships with associate schools.

OBJECTIVE 5: Increase alumni engagement with EFCTS.

  • Provide early career and technical opportunities
  • Begin a parent/guardian advisory committee
  • Restart alumni program information sessions
  • Expand professional development to associate schools
  • Host parent/guardian information sessions
  • Provide regular family and adult communication
  • Maximize business partner opportunities
  • Increase adult program information sessions
  • Begin student advisory council

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