Pillar 4: Maximizing Instructional Effectiveness

Pillar 4: Maximizing Instructional Effectiveness

A school social worker is pointing toward a computer screen while explaining software to a student.


Ensure that each student is challenged and engaged while eliminating barriers to student learning and success.

OBJECTIVE 1: Build collaboration between labs and academics to align philosophy of career and
technical education (PBL) with academic classes.

OBJECTIVE 2: Improve assessment, evaluation, and evolution of instructional practices.

OBJECTIVE 3: Provide wraparound services (career, mental health, mentorship, financial aid).

OBJECTIVE 4: Build passion for learning through student voice and choice.

  • Design, establish, and implement new system of activity teams
  • Identify and implement specific instructional goals across all courses
  • Improve student and teacher assessment tools
  • Implement pathways for student-focused instruction and decision-making
  • Establish monthly instruction professional development meetings for Adult Workforce staff

** note: items may be removed or added to the list of objectives as they are completed or become a need

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