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Junior Can't Get Enough of Her Passion For Dance

Junior Can't Get Enough of Her Passion For Dance

Unlike many of her peers who have studied ballet all their lives, Rachel Huther only began learning four years ago. She has quickly made up for lost time. The Performing Arts junior earned a spot at the Carolina Ballet’s Summer Intensive, a program that allows dancers to train and perform with professionals for five weeks.

“It was an awesome experience,” she said. Huther was one of only a handful of the 300 students who attended who earned a scholarship for the program, which can cost more than $2200. “I liked the variety of the dance classes. You get better and you’re always learning new things. You learn more about yourself, too.”

Huther didn’t learn how much she loved ballet until she was 12 or 13, when her little sister began taking dance lessons. “People always thought I was crazy because they’ve been dancing since they were three or four years old, but I was like, ‘why not?’” These days, Huther says dance is her life. In addition to the Performing Arts program’s dance curriculum, she also dances at the Columbus City Ballet and is training for a competition in January.

What’s more, Huther is getting reacquainted with the schedule and demands of public school, after being home-schooled for the past three years. “I am exhausted. With home-schooling, you can just stay in bed and do your work, but here you have to get up really early and you’re out late. It’s a lot but it’s working out great,” she said. Now attending Reynoldsburg eSTEM Academy for academics, Huther is also pursuing her other love, math. “I like it because you either know it or you don’t. You can’t get it half right,” she said, a lesson she has learned already in her young life, proving she is not only talented but also wise beyond her years.

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