Virtual Summer Camp 2020

Virtual Summer Camp 2020

Virtual Summer Camp 2020

Thank you for your interest in our annual “Test Drive Your Future” summer camp! Due to the governor’s orders amid the COVID-19 outbreak, we are unable to host an in-person summer camp. However, we refuse to let this stop us from providing our registered campers with an exceptional career exploration opportunity. No time is more important than now to help your students discover their interests and how those align to a career.    

In place of the physical camp, we have created a virtual “Test Drive Your Future” summer camp for all of our middle school students. While this summer camp may look and feel different, we are excited to share a quality career exploration experience with you during these challenging times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?
Current 6-8 grade students who are enrolled in one of our associate school districts.

Do I need to register for this summer camp?
This new virtual summer camp has allowed us to open this experience to all 6-8 grade students within our district – no registration necessary!  Campers are welcome to explore as many sessions as they wish during this virtual camp experience. If you have previously registered for the “Test Drive Your Future” summer camp, we encourage you to explore the sessions you registered to attend. It is our hope that campers will learn about all their future career options and begin to lay a foundation of learning by directing their schedules toward electives that support those interests.

How do we access the virtual camp?
Beginning June 3 all camp sessions can be accessed right here on the Virtual Summer Camp 2020 web page. Students who choose to participate in the virtual “Test Drive Your Future” summer camp will access sessions they wish to experience on this page. Once you select your session, you will read through the material about careers options, pathways, and complete the virtual camp challenge! At the completion of your session challenge, you will submit your final projects to receive a camp t-shirt.

When does the virtual camp take place?
Camp sessions will become available on June 3, 2020 and will remain open until August 7, 2020. Final project submissions are due on August 7th. We hope this will provide campers with enough time to "Test Drive" their sessions of interest while completing their virtual camp challenges. 

How are campers eligible for a camp t-shirt?
Each virtual camp challenge provides instructions on how to submit the final project. Campers should submit final projects to [email protected]. The following should be included in the subject line: Last name, first name / Camp session / T-shirt size/ School. You must submit a final project to receive a t-shirt. One t-shirt will be awarded to each student who completes the camp challenge.

How will t-shirts be delivered?
At this time, our plan is to deliver camp shirts to your middle school guidance counselors for distribution at the end of August.  

If there are any questions that remain, please reach out to Jama Cobb at [email protected].

Thank you again for investing in your student's future. We look forward to receiving your camper's virtual camp challenge submissions!

Summer Camp Sessions

Art of Promotion (Word Doc | PDF)
Awesome Authors (Word Doc | PDF)
Be a Safety Hero (Word Doc | PDF)
Can You Dig It (Word Doc | PDF)
Cyber Security (Word Doc | PDF)
Doctor's Office (Word Doc | PDF)
Feel the Force (Word Doc | PDF)
Fur and Feathers (Word Doc | PDF)
Get Your Act Together (Word Doc | PDF)
Iron Art (Word Doc | PDF)
Law Leaders (Word Doc | PDF)
Nature Engineers (Word Doc | PDF)
The Battle of the Drones (Word Doc | PDF)
What's Cooking (Word Doc | PDF)
Whitecoat Warriors (Word Doc | PDF)
You Can't Stop the Beat (Word Doc | PDF
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