Facilities Maintenance

Program Overview

The Facilities Maintenance program is a full-time, 725-clock hour certificate course. This program combines classroom, laboratory and work-based learning experiences enabling students to become proficient in the repair and maintenance of commercial and domestic facilities.

Included in the instruction are the theory and application of basic principles involved in facility maintenance. Topics include basic principles of heating, cooling, electric, plumbing, carpentry, painting, and welding. Content in each subject area includes trade terms, tools, and materials utilized within each specific trade. Applications include performing basic maintenance-related tasks associated with each of the included skilled trades categories. Common tasks include troubleshooting/diagnosing the root cause of malfunctions or system failures, and the adjustment, repair, or replacement of various components within a commercial or domestic facility. Students will also cover the procedures for periodic maintenance of mechanical systems within a facility to avoid or reduce potential failure.

What You Will Learn

  • Basic Safety

  • Forklift Safety

  • Aerial Lift Safety

  • Material Handling

  • Basic Electric

  • Intro to National Electric Code

  • Electrical Test Equipment

  • Intro to Heating & Cooling

  • Basic Copper and Plastic Piping

  • Soldering and Brazing

  • Basic Plumbing

  • Plastic, Copper, Cast Iron, & Carbon Steel Pipe & Fittings

  • Intro to Drain, Waste, & Vent Systems

  • Commercial Drawings

  • Building Materials, Fasteners, and Adhesives

  • Doors and Door Hardware

  • Oxyfuel Cutting

  • General MIG Welding

  • Drywall Finishing and Patching

  • Introduction to Paints and Coatings


Students have the opportunity to earn the following industry-recognized credentials:

  • National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER) Core

  • NCCER Level-1 - Electric

  • NCCER Level-1 - HVAC

  • NCCER Level-1 - Plumbing

  • EPA-608 Universal

  • OSHA 10-Hour – Construction

  • Aerial Lift Safety

  • Forklift Safety

  • National Career Readiness - ACT

Ask about Learn and Earn Opportunities

Facilities Maintenance is part of Eastland-Fairfield's Learn and Earn program, which allows students to receive on-the-job training utilizing their newfound skills and earn a paycheck at the same time. Students that participate in the Learn and Earn program will be paired with a trusted Eastland-Fairfield business partner and spent multiple days per week on real job sites performing tasks while supervised in the field. Students will also be on payroll with the business partner and will receive compensation for their work.

The Learn and Earn program is an excellent way to pay for school as you go through the program, gain valuable experience, and get your foot in the door with a potential full-time employer.

This program is not mandatory or guaranteed, and is available to those students who qualify and are recommended by their instructor.

Admission Requirements

  • Age 18 or older

  • High school diploma or GED

  • Background check

WorkKeys® Assessment

The WorkKeys® Assessment is administered as part of the registration process. Students will complete the following sections: 

Applied Math - critical thinking, mathematical reasoning, and problem-solving techniques. 

Graphic Literacy - skills needed to locate and use information from charts, diagrams, etc. 

Workplace Documents - ability to understand written text to complete a task.   

Each assessment is scored individually on a possible range of < 3-7. 

Work Keys link

Students will have an appointment scheduled to complete the WorkKeys® Assessment upon submission of the Adult Learner Registration Form and a $50 non-refundable registration fee. Learn more about how the ACT® WorkKeys® Assessment can work for you.


Recommended Scores 

Applied Math

Graphic Literacy 

Workplace Documents

Program Costs

Program Costs (pre-July 1)

Tuition/Fees:  $10,746

Cost Per Clock Hour - $ 14.82 (725 hours)

Books and Supplies:  $2,479

Program Costs (after July 1)

Tuition/Fees:  $10,742

Cost Per Clock Hour - $ 14.82 (725 hours)

Books and Supplies:  $2,488


Section Start Dates:

April 18, 2024

September 5, 2024

February 11, 2025

Classes held: 
Tuesdays, Thursdays
2nd and 4th Friday of each month
7:30am to 4:00pm
725 hours (10 months)

Clock Hours
725 hours


Eastland Career Center
4465 S. Hamilton Road
Groveport, OH 43125

Learn about your instructor

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Mr. John Stump
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