State Tested Nurse Assistant (STNA)

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Course Overview

When a loved one needs care and treatment, a nurse assistant is often the first friendly face a patient will see. The Eastland-Fairfield State Tested Nurse Assistant (STNA) course is designed to prepare learners to treat, comfort, and care for another. In just 3-4 weeks, students will become ready for the State Nurse Aide test so that they may begin making a difference in their careers and in the life of their patients. 

The demand for in-home or long-term residential care continues to grow as our population ages. Begin your journey in the medical field by immersing yourself in the basics of healthcare. Students will study in the areas of: infection control, safety and emergency procedures, promoting resident independence, resident personal rights, basic restorative services, nurse assisting terminology, procedures, and technical information, as well as honing their communication and interpersonal skills.

What You Will Learn

  • Infection control

  • Safety and emergency procedures

  • Promoting resident independence

  • Resident personal rights

  • Basic restorative services

  • Nurse assisting terminology, procedures, and technical information

  • Enhanced communication and interpersonal skills


Students who complete this course will be ready to sit for the State Nurse Aide test. Upon passing the STNA test, students will earn their STNA certification.

The Beginning of a Meaningful Calling

The world of healthcare is vast with opportunities, and obtaining your STNA certification may be the first step in your journey. The reward for your selfless decision to care for others can be multiplied even further. Many course completers that pass their competency evaluation test pursue a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Registered Nurse (RN) license, expanding their site and patient care opportunities and as a result, growing their earning potential. 

A future worth investing in
Once you complete the STNA course, consider enrolling in Eastland-Fairfield’s new LPN program, which can take your medical care career to another level. By enrolling in the Eastland-Fairfield STNA and continuing with our LPN program you will have garnered the knowledge and experience to work in hospital settings, long-term residential care, become a traveling nurse, or other premier healthcare settings … and all within one year.

Admission Requirements

  • Age 18 or older (cannot be enrolled in high school) **

  • Pass a Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) background check #

  • Must possess the physical ability to:

    • frequently work in a standing position and do frequent walking

    • lift and transfer patients to accomplish bed-to-chair and chair-to-bed transfers

    • physically perform up to an 8-hour clinical laboratory experience

** under special circumstances, individuals under 18, who are not yet high school graduates, may participate with permission of their parent/guardian, and high school principal, or the Superintendent/CEO. Individuals must be a current high school student – with senior status based on earned graduation credits.

# Background checks are completed at the Adult Workforce Development office located at 4300 Amalgamated Place, Groveport, OH 43125. The BCI background check is performed at the time of registration.  Background checks typically take 1-2 days for processing, however, it can sometimes take up to 30 days.  If we have not received the background check results by the start of class, your enrollment may be transferred to the next class.

Health Record Requirements

Students must provide proof of the following immunizations at their enrollment appointment: 

  • COVID-19 (fully vaccinated 14 days after final dose)

Tuberculosis (TB) Screening
Students must receive or provide proof of having recently received a 2-Step Mantoux Tuberculin skin test. The injection and reading must be documented by the healthcare professional providing the service. If you have tested positive in the past, a chest x-ray needs to be completed with negative results documented by the healthcare professional providing the service. 

ALL TB screening documentation must be submitted to Student Services prior to attending class.

Equipment Requirements

All necessary technology is provided to students in each classroom and lab during normal class hours. Students who wish to access school resources outside of normal class hours will need access to the internet and a personal device.

The program provides scrubs, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, gait belt, textbook/workbook, and state certification test. Students are responsible for providing their own waterproof shoes (leather or vinyl), and a stopwatch or watch with a hand indicating seconds.

Course Cost

Tuition/fees: $1,335

Cost per clock hour: $15.89

* prices are subject to change for the 2024-25 school year.  The full cost of the course is due at the time of registration unless approved funding through agency payment is provided.

This class is a short-term/part-time course. Short-term courses are not eligible for Title IV federal student aid.


Classes start:
September 14, 2023
(registration now open!)

Classes Held: 
8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

84 hours (3 weeks) * 100% attendance required


Eastland Career Center
4465 S. Hamilton Road
Groveport, OH 43125

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