High School Programs

Eastland-Fairfield has over 35 career and technical programs covering practically every career field that will prepare you for college and the workforce. Best of all -- these programs are available to you tuition-free. Along with college-preparatory academics, you also have the opportunity to earn free college credit, experience, and credentials to give you a head start on your next step. The best way to find out if Eastland-Fairfield is for you is ... to come visit us!

Program Catalog

Dip your toe into the water and see what Eastland-Fairfield can provide for you and your future. Or take a deeper dive into the programs that interest you to see which is the perfect fit.

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Our High School Programs

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Male student in uniform kneeling on the ground next to a large motor.

Agriculture & Heavy Equipment

Location: Eastland Career Center

Female student holding onto a light color golden retreiver puppy.

Animal Management

Location: Fairfield Career Center

Black, male student holds a small circular weight over a bridge constructed by small wooden sticks.

Architecture & Construction Management

Location: Gahanna Lincoln HS

Black female student poses next to a fender she painted Lime Green

Auto Body & Paint

Location: Eastland Career Center

White male student replacing a muffler underneath a vehicle


Eastland and Fairfield Career Centers

White male student is in the cockpit of a blue and white plane.


Location: Eastland Career Center

White, female student is smiling while looking through the lens of a tabletop microscope.


Location: Gahanna Lincoln HS

White male student operating a band saw with saw dust flying into the camera


Location: Fairfield Career Center

Black female student is cutting hair on a mannequin.


Locations: Eastland and Fairfield Career Centers

Two White male students flank a Black, female student. All have their arms crossed in front of them while they lean on a black police cruiser.

Criminal Justice

Locations: Eastland and Fairfield Career Centers

A male student with darker complexion wears his chef hat and apron while mixing ingredients in a mixing bowl.

Culinary Arts

Location: Eastland Career Center

An Asian male student holds bands of networking cords.

Cyber Security

Location: New Albany HS

A White, male student wearing an orange hard hat holds a hand drill up to some loose cords on his wall work station.


Location: Eastland Career Center

A White, male student stands in the parking lot of a warehouse wearing a brown winter jacket with cargo trucks parked behind him.

Employability Prep

Locations: Fairfield Career Center and Off-site locations

Firefighting students are holding a hose and spraying water on a car fire.


Location: Eastland Career Center

A White, female student is drawing using colored pencils as part of her Graphic Design class.

Graphic Design

Location: Eastland Career Center

Two White, male students have the back of air conditioning unit open, but pause to smile for a photo.


Location: Fairfield Career Center

A male, Black student student holds a video camera while trying to capture a scene.

Interactive Media

Location: Eastland Career Center

A Black, female is doing paperwork near a cash register and in front of t-shirts hanging on the wall.

Marketing & Logistics Management

Location: Groveport Madison HS

A Black, female student poses in uniform with a stethoscope around her neck in her Medical Office lab.

Medical Office

Location: Eastland Career Center

The camera shoot over the shoulder of a student to capture his digital artwork on his screen.


Location: Pickerington HS North

A White, female student is painting nails on a training hand.

Nail Services

Location: Eastland Career Center

A White, female student loads her pill counter full of placebo pills to demonstrate how the equipment works.


Location: Fairfield Career Center

Two female students, one White and one Black wearing a hijab, smile while they finish mixing their putty impression kits.


Locations: Eastland and Fairfield Career Centers

A male and female student, both of color, gather around a piece of machinery in their Pre-Engineering lab.


Location: Eastland Career Center

A White, female student measures the heartbeat of a mannequin patient.


Location: Fairfield Career Center

A female student of Indian descent proudly poses at her work station, which displays code for the website she is building from scratch.

Programming & Software Development

Location: Eastland Career Center

A Hispanic, male student wears a Fairfield Medical polo shirt in the aisle of a stockroom.

Project SEARCH

Location: Fairfield Medical Center (off-site)

A White male models how a robotic arm can pick up a stack of yellow, foam dice

Robotics & Automation

Location: Eastland Career Center

A White male student begins applying medical wrap to the ankle of a White, female student under the supervision on their instructor.

Sports Medicine

Gahanna Lincoln HS and
New Albany HS

A Black, female student examines her checklist before going to care for a patient.


Location: Fairfield Career Center

A Black, female student opens a Dr. Seuss book and begins reading to students around her.

Teaching Professions (2-year)

Location: Gahanna Lincoln HS

A female student shows the green paper that she just sliced using a paper cutter.

Teaching Professions (1-year)

Location: Gahanna Lincoln HS

A White, female student prepares to begin welding in her booth.


Location: Eastland Career Center