Shelley Groves, Superintendent/CEO

A message from the superintendent/CEO

It is hard to believe the 23-24 school year is upon us! As I grow older, it feels as if time continues to speed up, making it even more important to pause and enjoy the simple things that bring you joy. As I start my 27th year with Eastland-Fairfield (and education in general for that matter), I can genuinely look back over the years and smile as I reflect on the wonderful students I have had the privilege of working with, the colleagues who pushed and challenged me to be my best, and the mentors and leaders who inspired and encouraged me along the way. I have so many fond memories; however, during this time of year, my energy and motivation come from those courageous students who have elected to step out of their comfort zones to attend Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools. As for our adult students, the strength and dedication required to step out as an adult is inspiring. Whether it is earning a high school diploma or equivalency or changing career pathways, it takes courage to make the decision and follow it through. Attending Eastland-Fairfield is a BRAVE choice. Throughout my 27 years, I am continually amazed by the students who attend Eastland-Fairfield and I count it a blessing and an honor to be a part of their journey.

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Our Vision at EFCTS

I shared at this year’s convocation that I believe Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools is in a prime position to expand our impact on Central Ohio. 

As part of our journey forward, we first have to understand and appreciate from where Eastland-Fairfield has come. In the late 1990’s, Superintendent Ross Dunlap led our district through a very trying financial time as we worked to pass a levy to ensure the District’s financial stability and ability to keep the doors open at Fairfield Career Center. Dr. Weedy then ushered our district into the technology era with his various IT initiatives. Superintendent Bonnie Hopkins provided consistency, allowing staff to internally improve its craft and focus on the true vision of career and technical education. In 2021, Dr. Kimberly Pietsch Miller rallied and led our district and stakeholders as we developed our 3 to 5-year strategic plan, which provided an internal structure for growth. 

Now that the torch has been passed, where does Eastland-Fairfield go from here? With the implementation of our strategic plan as well as our first review and update completed, our organization is aligned and ready for growth and expansion. There are three main areas of focus when looking at growth: 1. Physical Growth and expansion of our program offerings within our career and technical planning district; 2. Growth and expansion of our instructional practices and how we deliver content to our students; 3. Growth of our impact on students and families.

Jennifer Blackstone (left) and Shelley Groves (right) stand outside Groveport Madison HS.


Eastland-Fairfield Career &Technical Schools is in the process of developing a 5-year expansion plan that would lay the foundation for continued career and technical growth and services to serve our 700 square-mile planning district. This plan will potentially include construction on our FCC campus to develop additional programming opportunities and classrooms, as well as expansion and reorganization of our ECC campus to provide additional academic classrooms as well as expanded programming spaces. These additions and expansions will not only create more opportunities for our high school students but our adult learners students, as well.



Pillar 4 of our strategic plan is devoted to maximizing instructional effectiveness, specifically ensuring that each student is challenged and engaged while eliminating barriers to student learning and success. Through this pillar, we will be focusing on strengthening our teacher teams with a more intentional focus on instructional collaboration and discussions. With the input from our students and these teacher teams, we will begin to develop common language and strategies that are based on problem solving. These strategies and language will be utilized throughout our district, creating a stronger community of educators and learners. We will continue to look internally at our instructional practices, culture and climate, and other professional growth opportunities. Our students are the winners when we, the staff, grow professionally, both with and from each other!



We will not be a secret!

We will continue to spread the word about the wonderful things that Eastland-Fairfield students are doing, as well as the opportunities and experiences we provide and the partnerships we create. We strive to provide our graduates and their families long-lasting, positive, impactful experiences to remember and talk about for years to come.  This is all done through the relationships we develop with our stakeholders and communities. From business partners and employers, to our associate schools and alumni, the relationships and trust we cultivate with these partners are vital to the success of our adult and high school learners.


A bit about Mrs. Groves

Through some connections, Mrs. Groves landed her first job out of college in 1997 at Fairfield Career Center as a mathematics instructor. At the time, it was described to her as a "good first job", and she could work toward teaching elsewhere. 

But she never left.

Mrs. Groves loved Fairfield Career Center so much that she continued teaching math year after year through 2011 before being offered an opportunity in administration. Again, she did not leave FCC and was named its assistant director and served in that role for two years before taking over as its director in 2013. 

Wanting to make a larger impact on the district, Mrs. Groves challenged herself further upon accepting the position of Assistant Superintendent in 2018. Now, after learning from two different superintendents she is making year 27 with Eastland-Fairfield one to never forget, now as its superintendent/CEO. 

Mrs. Groves graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor’s degree in education and has advanced degrees from Walden University and Ohio University. She has completed three different superintendent academies through OACTS, ESCCO, and AASA. Over the past two years, she has increased her exposure by delivering presentations to various organizations and conferences including OSBA, OACTE, ACTE, and the AASA National Conference.

She is the proud mother of three children with her husband of more than 20 years, Patrick. She graduated from Berne Union High School, the same district her children have or are graduating from.

Did you know...

  • Is a graduate of Berne Union High School (year undisclosed)

  • Is married to her husband of 23 years, Patrick, and together have three children, two daughters and one son

  • Has two dogs, Tucker and Toby, which are Havanese/Bichon mix

  • Enjoys reading, being outside, and bonfires

  • Her favorite food is pizza! In fact, every Friday night is Pizza and Movie Night in the Groves household. Cheese and jalapeno is her current favorite topping.

  • Favorite ice cream flavor is "anything chocolate", but especially that with peanut butter.

  • Favorite candy is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

  • Favorite sport is basketball, even though she claims she's not very good at it. Baseball is a close second. (Go Reds!)

  • Favorite vacation spot is Maui, though she would love to go on an Alaskan cruise

  • Favorite movie is The Hunger Games ... all of them.

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Shelley Groves and her immediate family